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Mari Domingi and Olentzero

Mari Domingi and Olentzero are the Basque Mithological characters who like Santa Claus bring gifts to the children on Christmas day.
Modeling and painting Mari Domingi , Ager has started to walk, family breakfasts, impatiently waiting for the holidays, and little to say...
Happy holidays!!!!!

A walk through Urkiola

Yesterday morning we went for a walk to Urkiola. Although it is a beautiful landascape in any season, these days the colors shine like never.

"Baserria" and "Urkiazelai"

We went to Soraluze to visit our friends to  their "baserria". Baserria is a Basque word, is like a traditional Basque farmhouse. We had a very nice day, and then went to a walk to Urkiazelai. Urkiazelai means, something like meadow of birches, but the truth is that there are no birches. Our friends told us that apparently the real name of the meadow is Urtiazelai, but many years ago someody in the town misunderstood the name and now is known as Urkiazelai. 

A sunny day

The sun finally came out! We´ve spent a beautiful Saturday. In the morning we saw the traditional Basque wedding in our town, and in the afternoon we went for a walk around the city. We´ve eaten an ice cream, feed the ducks, we´ve run behind the piggeons, did some shopping...  And finally a bit of relax!
Sun! come back soon!