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Felted headbands

 Happy New Year to all! These days I have been working in these headbands. It is very easy and entertaining to work this material, but there is a little problem, Mairi doesn´t want to put them!

Small white leaf

When I was studying in the College of  Fine Arts, my friend Irati gave me this small leaf. I find it beautiful! She made it, in her classes of ceramic. Whenever I look at the small white leaf, I agreement of Irati. Before that Mairi was born, I used to think that the years in the College were the happiest of my life. I have so many fond memories of my years in college . The truth is I made good friends there and I would like to know more about them. 
I'm trying to make leaves as Irati, but I am using modeling paste. I found this idea here .
I don´t think they are as nice as that irati gave me. :)
(The leaves that are above the table are mine)
This weekend I made a spinach an prawn quiche. My quiche was based in this recipe.