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I have begun the year with many good intentions. I am trying to make food more healthy, practicing more my English, and knitting very much!
I need very little to finish my first cardigan!😀

Matadero yarn bombing!

The neighbor of the neighborhood Aramotz, more known as Matadero, organized a yarn bombing to denounce the absence of care on the part of city council of  Durango. I was very happy to participate in my first yarn bombing, but I got sick and I could not go. 😭
Rainy weather here, perfect to collect the christmas ornaments and be home, make home-baked cookies...

Mari Domingi and Olentzero

Mari Domingi and Olentzero are the Basque Mithological characters who like Santa Claus bring gifts to the children on Christmas day.
Modeling and painting Mari Domingi , Ager has started to walk, family breakfasts, impatiently waiting for the holidays, and little to say...
Happy holidays!!!!!

Bright sun and many projects

 We have finally seen the sun! I have little to say, many projects and little time. ;)

Eguzkia irten da azkenean! Ez dut ezer barririk, proiektu asko eta denbora gutxi. ;)