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Mari Domingi and Olentzero

Mari Domingi and Olentzero are the Basque Mithological characters who like Santa Claus bring gifts to the children on Christmas day.
Modeling and painting Mari Domingi , Ager has started to walk, family breakfasts, impatiently waiting for the holidays, and little to say...
Happy holidays!!!!!

Healthy dark chocolate detox bites

I love making these chocolate bites. These dark chocolate bites are topped with fruits, nuts and seeds. As you can see, we´re preparing Ager´s birthday party. Our little mouse is already a year! How time flies!

Asko gustatzen zait horrelako txokolatinak egitea. Txokolate ilun zatitxo hauek, fruta zati, fruitu siku eta haziz josita daude. Ikusi dezakezuen bezala Agerren urtebetetze festa prestatzen ari gara. Gure sagutxuek urte bete du dagoeneko! Denbora hegan doa!

Playing at home

The days and weeks pass without realizing. Children grow so fast! These days we play a lot at home, making boats, cooking... Suddenly, Mairis favourite game is  to feed her small toy birds.
Finally I have finished the sweater for Mairi and we have good news, Ager is fully recovered!
I have prepared falafel for the first time. I think I´ve to perfect my recipe ;)


The cold has arrived and rain does not stop. We spent most of the time at home, playing with Mairi, cleaning, weaving (finally I finished my hat!), testing recipes that I find on Pinterest, watching TV... This year has not snowed at home and we have to climb Urkiola to play with snow. Mairi was really happy!